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Genealogy can be addictive ... beware!

The following pages provide my direct line ancestors in each of these families.

Binion Brashear Burk
Hutchens McCullah McGaugh
Parker Shumate Wissmann

I'm using the Windows®-based version of Personal Ancestral File, one of the most widely used genealogical management programs. You can download the current version free of charge. PAF helps organize family history records and can produce, in automated or manual form, records, charts and logs to help in your genealogy research. A comprehensive PAF Users Guide, in PDF format, is part of the download.


This page is my "index to the indices," - links to many major genealogical sites and starting points to genealogy on the Internet. If it relates to genealogy on the Internet, it's bound to be among these links. Try several sites as they are organized differently and you may find some styles easier to navigate than others. If you find information you've been looking for don't forget to bookmark it! Family Search - the Internet Genealogy Service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The USGenWeb Project - volunteers working to provide non-commercial free access to genealogical resources. Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - nearly 100,000 links categorized and cross-referenced. The Genealogy Toolbox - the largest categorized list of genealogical links. The American Family Immigration History Center at Ellis Island. RootsWeb - the oldest and largest free genealogy site. GENDEX WWW Genealogical Index. A Barrel of Genealogy Links - claims to have higher quality sites. The National Archives and Records Administration (census information and more). Genealogy resources, mailing lists and newsgroups. The Genealogy Home Page - genealogical sources, including free software. Treasure Maps - a how-to genealogy site. - family history online. Everton's Genealogical Helper is sponsored by Genealogical Helper Magazine. Family Chronicle Magazine. The Family Tree Maker commercial site. The National Genealogical Society. Yahoo's genealogy resources. JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy. - Family Finder search engine. Ancestors is the companion web site to the PBS family history and genealogy television series. Create a "family health tree" to share with family and physicians.

BECOME A "CYBERVOLUNTEER" Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. People worldwide look for their ancestors among the lists transcribed and indexed by ISTG volunters. Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. Volunteers devote one day a month to helping someone else in the genealogical community - such as doing research at a local courthouse or documenting records at a local cemetery. USGenWeb - This mammoth volunteer effort seeks to provide individual websites listing historical resources for every U.S. county and state. Volunteers are need to sponsor a county or state website (or several); most include links to local history sources. USGenWeb also sponsors several other fascinating projects.


My interest in genealogy started in the mid-1980s when Verne Hutchens, my dad, gave me a copy of the information he had on our Hutchens ancestors. About the same time a friend gave me a copy of Genealogy on Display, a shareware genealogy program popular at the time. I entered the Hutchens information into Genealogy on Display and was fascinated with the process. It was fun, so I wanted more information to enter. This quest started my interest in genealogy!

(Genealogy-On-Display to GEDCOM)

I still get an occasional inquiry about converting Genealogy on Display files to GEDCOM format. I made the conversion years ago using GGEDCOM. GGEDCOM, Version 1.5, converts Genealogy-On-Display files to GEDCOM format so you can take your data into any modern genealogy package.

Two minor problems have surfaced. According to one genealogist a problem may occur when an individual entry has only a father or a mother (but not both) and no marriage record in Genealogy-On-Display to link to the lone parent. You get a parent record, but no connection. It isn't tough to figure them out, however, and reconnect them manually though it does take a little time.

Another problem that one conversion turned up is probably related to file names. A genealogist in Omaha suggests: "Directory pathways in Windows 95 or higher format use a '~' to represent sub-directory names which are longer than the DOS standard of 8 characters. Since the GGEDCOM routines were written before Windows 95, they cannot handle the extended sub-directory names. Create DOS-compatible sub-directory names and use those directories exclusively in performing your GGEDCOM conversion."

In any case, using GGEDCOM is a LOT faster than entering data on a thousand or more individuals again. Fortunately, most coversions go well. You can download the 40mb ggedcom.exe file from my site. Right click on Download GGEDCOM then left click on "Save Link As" in Netscape or "Save Target As" in IE. Be sure to have a good backup of your data files first, of course, and it goes without saying that I take no responsibility for the outcome. I just know it worked well for me.

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