Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Polar Bear Capitol of the World
(N 58° 44' 24", W 94° 3' 36")

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Five Photo Galleries - Churchill As It Really Is!
Churchill Area Photos
Polar Bears Near Churchill
Tundra Buggies for Polar Bear Tours near Churchill
Nature Photos Around Churchill
Churchill Town Photos
Travel Planning Guide
Weather Guide
Organized Links
Churchill Business & Organization Directory
(Phone, Fax, Email, Website, P.O. Box & Street)

Welcome to one of the leading information gateways to Churchill on the Internet, the summation of my Churchill experience. I found Churchill such a fascinating place that I set up a small website when I got home from my first trip. The site has evolved, developed, and grown since that time thanks to questions and comments from site visitors who have contributed significantly to content development. Visit the pages below to find the most comprehensive source of information on Churchill.

Check my Churchill Directory of Businesses, Government Agencies, Churches & Points of Interest for contact information in Churchill. All forms of contact - the only comprehensive directory of this type on the Internet. You'll find phone, fax, and toll-free numbers, street addresses, P.O. boxes, email addresses, and website links.

My Travel Planning Guide is in response to frequent questions about planning a trip to Churchill - how to get there, lodging, restaurants, polar bear watching, other activities, etc. Organized in planning sequence and including all service providers in Churchill, it should help give structure to your Churchill experience.

Churchill weather draws a lot of questions, so my Weather Guide presents weather summaries from Environment Canada. This page answers questions about the range of weather you might expect, all presented in graph form to help you know how to dress for your trip to Churchill. You'll find temperature, snowfall, snow depth, daylight, rainfall, and wind data.

Visit my Travelogue for the story of my trip to Churchill and some of the planning that went into it. I put the trip together in August before I went in October. The five Photo Galleries above have pictures of the area around Churchill, polar bears, tundra buggies, nature in the area, and the town of Churchill.

The History page is the result of email from people who lived in Churchill during the 1950s and 1960s when the military base was most active. Their memories, stories, and photos are shared for all to enjoy. If you lived in Churchill then, you'll relive the memories. For the rest of us, these pages give a good idea of what life was like then.

Finally, there are Churchill Links. You'll find information on Churchill and its wildlife, fascinating travelogues and photo galleries, and more planning information. There are links to weather, sunrise and sunset, currency conversions - all kinds of things. Links include brief descriptions of what the sites provide.

Whether you're interested in making the trip to Churchill or just want to see what's there, I hope you enjoy exploring Canada's far north as much as I did. Churchill is a fantastic holiday!

(Site created 9/22/97 and updated 11/24/2006.)

Reasons and Seasons to Visit Churchill
Churchill is more than polar bears. Visit Churchill's other seasons.
Contact the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (
Activity Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Beluga Whales              XX XX         
Bird Migration            XX XX           
Flowers & Plants             X XXX X          
Northern Lights   X XXX XXX XXX       XXX XXX      
Polar Bears                    XX XXX XX 
Other Wildlife Visit the CNSC website for more information.
Check out CNSC's Learning Vacations and Elderhostel Vacations!
NOTE: Seasons are approximate and vary from year to year with weather.

I maintain this page on a volunteer basis and enjoy answering questions for anyone interested in Churchill. Send messages to If this "mailto" link doesn't work in your email system, copy my email address into your message manually and use "Churchill" on the Subject line to facilitate a reply. If you would give me a general idea of where you live, I'll mark it with a pin on my map. I've received questions and comments from literally all over the world and it's fun to look at the map with so many pins!
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