"Truly you alone are the Lord. Your dominion is our salvation, for to serve you is nothing else but to be saved by you! O Lord, salvation is your gift and your blessing is upon your people; what else is your salvation but receiving from you the gift of loving you or being loved by you?...

"[Jesus] taught us to love him by first loving us, even to death on the cross. By loving us and holding us so dear, he stirred us to love him who had first loved us to the end...

"Everything he did and everything he said on earth, even enduring the insults, the spitting, the buffeting - the cross and the grave - all of this was actually you speaking to us in your Son, appealing to us by your love and stirring up our love for you...

"You know that this disposition could not be forced upon [human] hearts, my God, since you created them; it must rather be elicited. And this, for the further reason that there is no freedom where there is compulsion, and where freedom is lacking, so too righteousness..."

From a discourse, On the Contemplation of God, William of St. Thierry, abbot
(Nn. 9-11; Sc 61, 90-96)
The Liturgy of the Hours, Office of Readings, Monday of the Third Week of Advent.

A Table of Contents:
The Advent Season

I. Using this Method to Plan Advent

- A. An Overview of the Process
This overview demonstrates the use of the Planning Method as applied to the season of Advent.

- - 1. Entrance Antiphons

Click here to find all the Entrance Antiphons of Advent.

- - 2. First Readings
Click here to find links to all the First Readings of Advent.

- - 3. Responsorial Psalms
Click here to find links to all the Responsorial Psalms of Advent.

- - 4. Gospels
Click here to find links to all the Gospels of Advent.

- - 5. Second Readings
Click here to find links to all the Second Readings of Advent.


- B. An Existential Approach to Advent

- - 1. A Focus from the Prophets
Click here to find a specific application of the Existential Approach to Liturgy to the Advent Season. This page reflects on the context that the readings from the Prophets offer the Church for the Advent season - from an Existential perspective.

- - 2. A Focus from the Gospels
Click here to find a similar perspective based upon the Gospels of the season.


- C. Sample Responses from Planning
Click here to find links to sample responses to each set of the Scripture readings
from Advent.

- - 1. Sample Responses to Entrance Antiphons

- - 2. Sample Responses to First Readings

- - 3. Sample Responses to Responsorial Psalms

- - 4. Sample Responses to Gospels

- - 5. Sample Responses to Second Readings

- - 6. An Example of Planning using this process


- D. December, the Month of Martyrs
- -
An excerpt from the Baccalaureate Mass homily of Fr. David G. Schultenover, S.J., Professor of Theology, Creighton University on the 16th of December, 2000, St. John's Church, Omaha, NE.

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