So when I started on the Creative Writing track, it was to write prose. I didn’t like reading poetry, and I certainly had no intention of writing it.
    As it turns out, unfortunately, I’m not very good at writing prose. Not fictional prose, that is. I do all right with technical writing and that kind of thing, but when it comes to creative writing it turns out—ironically enough—that I’m much better at poetry.
    My fiction has all kinds of problems, certainly too many to go into here. It’s not horrible, I don’t think; it’s just not that great either. So what I’m going to do here is include just a couple of pieces that are better than the rest. You can certainly feel free not to read them, of course. But they’re pretty short, and one of them (“The Kleptomaniac You”) I still actually kind of get a kick out of. Whether that actually means anything, I couldn’t say. You tell me.