Genre Analysis

of the Genre

Westerns &
Mob Movies

Race, Gender,
and Class

The Postmodern




Works Cited &
Films Referenced


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What Choice?
Subculture Films, Naturalization, and the Postmodern Condition

This website is a Master’s Thesis for the American Studies program at Washington State University, created by Matt McDowall. I am currently working on a more condensed, less theoretical version, and will link to it from here when it’s complete. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions (especially suggestions of films to consider), please feel free to
e-mail me.

A note on the media:
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    If you do find that you want or need to install software to watch the clips, I highly recommend installing RealPlayer 8 rather than RealOne or any more recent versions of the software. RealPlayer 8 will play these and most other clips, and isn’t as intrusive as the more recent offerings from that company. You can download RealPlayer 8 at the
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