Jacob Thelonious West McDowall . . .
     and family.


  First month

Always with the fingers in the mouth.


Susan and Jack lying in bed.


Sleeping in the sling.


Reading a book with mom.


Reading is hard work.


Going for a ride in the stroller.


Getting a massage.



Hanging out on the couch with mom.


Jack in his teddy-bear outfit.


Almost one month old.


He’s really growing.


Getting a kiss from mom.


He hasn’t quite outgrown the sink, though.

  Days 5 and 6


Susan and Jack.


Annie helping with a diaper change.

  Days 3 and 4

Jack’s huge feet.


Jack swimming in his going-home clothes.


Getting deeper and deeper in.


Susan and Jack sleeping together at home.


Annie meets Jack. (Olivia’s afraid of him.)


Guess who doesn’t like baths.


By request: so you can see Jack’s hair.


Just in case the previous photo wasn’t enough.



  Days 1 and 2 (in the hospital)

The family, smiling away.


The family again.


Jack, getting himself better situated.


Jack sleeping, arm in place.


Still sleeping. Pretty talented, huh?


Jack giving a little smile.


Jack pretending he’s tired or something.


Mother and child.


He does wake up occasionally.


Learning to play Peek-a-boo.


Jack is very proud of his fingers.


Jack making a meal of his hand.


Coming back for seconds.