Jacob Thelonious West McDowall . . .
     and family.


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Birth to one month
  2–3 months

How’s the hat? Too much?


Mocking his father.


Mom & Jack discuss post-Burkean rhetorical theory.


Meeting Great-grandpa.


Meeting Uncle Steve.


What’s this button do?


Listen, buuuuuuud.


Four generations.


Jack, Jack.
Jack, Jack.


Chillin with the cousins.


You’re leaving me with this guy?


With cousin Audrey.


Looking up and around.


Goofing in the car.


Showing mom his psycho-killer imitation.

  3–6 months

Three months old.


Having a bath.



Four months.


Jammin out (thanks to his friends the Dornsifes).


Loving it at the pool.


Hey—don’t knock it till you try it.


Playing with blocks.


Trying to eat mom’s face.





Jack and Annie are close.


OK, that’s maybe a little too close.




Jack loves the upside-down view.