Jacob Thelonious West McDowall
My son Jack, who was born March 29, 2003.
  What Choice?
Subculture Films, Naturalization,
and the Postmodern Condition

My Master’s thesis—an analysis of a particular genre of films (which I call subculture films).
The Grafitti Paradigm:
The Art of the Piece
A term “paper” for Rob Dornsife’s ENG 580 class (The Elements of Electronic Style) at Creighton University.
  My résumé
Such as it is.
Copy Court
For a while I worked at a small quick-print shop in Moscow ID, and I re-worked the website while I was there. Wanna see?
“A different mode of knowing:
. . . poetry’s knowing, and the increase
of existence it brings.”
(— Jane Hirshfield)
Jump happy?
  Reference points
Random stuff when I feel like I have something to say.
A note on the design
Go on—read it. It will do you good.