This website is designed and maintained by Matt McDowall—which makes sense, when you think about it. It is, after all, his personal site.

The titles are in Adobe’s original Multiple Master font family Bickham Script. Apparently they don’t sell the MM version anymore, but you can find the OpenType version here. The site’s two main ornaments [ and ] are from the Monotype Sorts dingbat font (letters b and h, respectively). The pilcrow on the front page []—the one that’s wrapped up with the word colophon—is set in Bickham Script (though for some reason, it’s the ¡ character in that font). Finally, the fleuron on the front page [] is set in Adobe’s original Minion Ornaments (companion to the very popular Minion font family). That particular character happens to be the pilcrow [¶] in Minion Ornaments, oddly enough.

The text is supposed to be set in Book Antiqua, Palatino, or Georgia (in that order of preference). If you don’t have any of those on your computer, you’re probably seeing it in Absolutely The Ugliest Font In The World™: Times New Roman. If that’s the case, by the way, you should really download Georgia: it’s free, and it rocks. Get Verdana and Trebuchet, while you’re at it—also free, also rock. At the very least, change your default font. Times New Roman is icky.

The titles, subtitles and ornaments were designed in Macromedia FreeHand and then exported to Adobe Photoshop (where I made them transparent and removed extraneous colors). The web pages themselves were originally created as raw HTML using EditPlus and PageSpinner. I have since become comfortable and satisfied with Macromedia Dreamweaver, so recent work on the pages has been done with that—as will future work be, as far as I can guess.

In case you’re curious, my résumé is set in Adobe Bembo, with Frutiger UltraBlack for the title and Frutiger ExtraBlack Condensed for the subtitles. It was “designed” in Microsoft Word (as much as one can design anything in a word-processing program), and exported to PDF with—shocker—Adobe Acrobat.

So, as Paul Harvey would say, now you know the rest of the story .