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Announcing Summer 2013

BUS 479 / MBA 779
China: Hunting with Tigers and Dragons

Offered by Creighton University
College of Business Administration
3 Credit Hours

(Can be taken for graduate (MBA) or undergraduate credit, meets COBA International Business requirements, and can be taken as Finance or BIA elective)



Information Session at COBA

Wednesday Oct. 3
11:30 - noon
BA 219

Thursday Oct. 4
12:30 - 1:00 pm
BA 219

Tuesday Oct. 9
12:30 - 1:00pm
BA 219

Wednesday Oct. 10
9:30 - 10:00 pm
BA 219

China National Tourist Office

The Beijing Center


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Overview: This is a once in a life-time opportunity to travel to China over a two week period and learn about China in the context of business. China is an enormous emerging economic power and is playing a growingly significant role in the global business community which only appears to be growing even larger. We will meet together a number of times during the spring semester before the trip to study Chinese culture, economics, and business in order to maximize your experience in China. The course focus is on China and doing business with/in China, with the intention of expanding your ability to think globally. The only way this can really happen is to go there – hence, this travel course.

Dates:   Travel  May 19 – June 1, 2013 to Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, China. Class meeting dates during the spring 2012 semester will be announced later.

Deadlines:    December 7, 2012 Click here for the application form.

Course Objective: To provide course participants with knowledge and understanding of the people, the culture, the economy, the businesses, and the ethics of China with a view to enhance their global perspective.

Purpose: The purpose of this travel course is to bring to life several topics that are key to anyone thinking about business in today’s global economy with one of the biggest players, China. Specifically, we will address:

  1. How is business actually conducted in China?
  2. What are the economic factors in China affecting business there and globally?
  3. What are the cultural factors in China affecting how business is conducted successfully?
  4. What are the ethical issues in China that affect business?
We will use a dual approach to address these topics. One is onsite visits to actual companies and organizations in China. These companies will be a mix of companies that are Chinese owned and run, United States owned operating in China, and European owned operating in China. The second are lectures and discussions around the topics of interest, time spent on your own experiencing the culture and interacting with the people, and completion of course assignments on topics of your choice.

Professors: Dr. Leida Chen, Dr. Cindy Corritore, Dr. Beverly Kracher, and Dr. John Wingender Creighton College of Business Administration

Cost of the Course: US$ 4,990 (The cost includes tuition for 3 summer credit hours, airfare, hotels (4-5 stars), train and bus transportation in China, most meals, 2-week guided tour in China, corporate visits, admission tickets to cultural sites and performances, and miscellaneous fees.)