"We Are There"

These lyrics were transcribed by David Allen Skaar (das3@acpub.duke.edu) who sat bug-eyed, staring blankly at his television set, finger poised over the pause button, in order that you might enjoy the lyrics to the Duckman cast singing "We Are There". (stolen without permission from alt.tv.duckman)

We Are There

We are hope and love
We are everywhere
When hearts need to believe
When we dare to care
We are there
Wilbur Nelson/children:
Every German who chugs a beer
We are there
Every African who throws a spear
We are there
(Children are singing "We are there" after every line from here on)
Every Chinaman in a junk
Every Mexican in a trunk
Sal Manella:
Every Bedouin on a dune
Every Frenchman playing "Claire de Lune"
Every Syrian or Kazakhstani
Every Giorgio and his Armani
Every Spaniard playing second flute
Every Dane Norwegian and Aleut
Every single guy who's Aborigine
Every Englishman who's Walter Pidgeon-y
From Hollywood home of big celebrities
To Vanuatu, the old new Hebrides
From New Yorkers eating Steak Tartare
To every friend of Pablo Escobar
From the Taiwanese and Cuban Petes
To the Russians with their soup of beets
Every Tamil, Tartar, Thai, Tibetan
and anybody else that we're forgettin'
Everyone from Niger, Tonga, Bali
The French Sudan which is now called Mali
Everybody up in Katmandu
Every Canadian, 'cause we're there too, eh?
Cornfed (doing the speaking monologue over a chorus of We are theres): You seemed even more manic and unstable than usual, so I followed you. One thing puzzles me, how did you know the smell of her note came from this particular landfill's rotting food?
Duckman: Alimentary, my dear Cornfed. I was here just last week. Don't tell Bernice, but I got her a burial plot for her birthday.
Cornfed: Mums the word.
America: Duckman, you were right. I can't give up on my children, how can I ever thank you?
Duckman: Just take care of them.
America: I will, I promise.
...more we are there's
Duckman: You know Cornacius, I think everything's going to work out just fine for America.
America: Kids, why don't we all go out for ice cream, my treat. Could someone float me a long-term loan, I'm broke.
...Resuming singing,
Every Tajikistani with a yak
Every Bolivian in a sack
Ever caner in Singapore
Everybody who's really sore
Every Turk in a Teaneck diner
or South African diamond miner
Every gypsy playing finger cymbals
Anyone who ever shopped at Gimbals

Duckman is a Klasky Csupo / Paramount Television production in association with Reno & Osborn Productions and based upon the underground comic created by Everett Peck.

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