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Brian Wallace has created a set of Duckman Icons for the desktop!
You can view them, or get them!
Inside Scoop about Season Three!
(Some of this applies to Season Four, since not all shows were shown)
"What the hell you starin' at!!"
The Duckman Information File
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Season One Synopses
Season Two Synopses
Season Three Synopses
Cast Biographies!
Duckman Graphics
Duckman Sounds Other Duckman Web sites!
Matthew Warner Sounds Arnoud W. Morsink
Sandy Nicolaysen Sounds Vincent Elliott
Duckman on CompuServ
Duckman ftp sites Duckman Merchandise
Martin Small's ftp site [MovieMadness]
Random Duckman Quotes! "We Are There"

Want to know what all the excitement is all about? Afraid you'll get left behind? For now, tune in to the USA Network on Saturdays (7:30 Eastern, 6:30 Central), and Thursday nights (Midnight Eastern, 11:00pm Central) and prepare to join the faithful.
Duckman is a Klasky Csupo / Paramount Television production in association with Reno & Osborn Productions and based upon the underground comic created by Everett Peck.

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