Duckman's Season 3 Inside Scoop!

Our inside guy has posted these three delicious tidbits regarding the new season set to start in January! Read on!

Date: 14 Oct 1995 07:05:51 -0400 
Subject: REPOST: Duckman New Season Update 

In response to your requests, here's a repost of my post from a few weeks
ago, updating you on what's been happening here at the Duckmanwerks.


Subject: Duckman's New Episodes - Update from Inside the Asylum
Date: 21 Sep 1995 02:52:34 -0400

Well, hi and greetings from the (long-lost) Duckman staff.  From the looks
things, I got here just in time...

Sorry I've been AWOL for awhile, but we've been EXTREMELY busy...We made
thousands of dollars in just a few days!!  First you send an email with
name and four friends...

Just kidding.  Actually, we've been working very hard on glistening new
episodes.  That's right, our long national nightmare is almost over...In
January, USA will begin airing ***26*** new episodes!  Sorry about all the
reruns, but believe me, we'd much rather be airing continuously...We can
begin when we get the go each year.  Here's hoping DM's future is
uninterrupted, eh?  ;-)

To give you a little sneak peek, and to give you incredibly loyal fans
something to dish about...The new shows are looking very good.  We think
you'll like 'em.  

For example, we just recorded a show we all like a lot, and think you
will, too.  
It's a spoof of "women in prison" movies, in which Duckman is sentenced to
life, and mistakenly sent to a jail full of overheated female convicts,
who have no idea Duckman is not a woman!  The warden is played by Sandra
Bernhard, the guard is played by Cathy Moriarty, and Duckman's fellow
inmates include Sheena Easton and Kathy Ireland (!)

We find out how Duckman and Beatrice met, Ajax gets to leave Earth, a
family member gets an evil twin...and Corny may finally lose his

As for Duckman, he gets committed to an asylum, becomes a Third-World
dictator, runs a movie studio, gets a new neighbor, sees his future, finds
the cure for cancer, becomes the last man on earth, and actually meets Joe

And other guest stars so far include David Duchovny, Eugene Levy, Andrea
Martin, Dave Thomas, Carl Reiner, Lisa Kudrow, Brian Doyle-Murray, Amanda
Plummer, Al Albert, Ron Perlman, Bebe Neuwirth, Bronson Pinchot, Victoria
Jackson, Elayne Boosler, Blair Underwood, Peter Strauss, John Rhys-Davies,
Kathleen Freeman, James B. Sikking, John Byner, Melissa Manchester, Kathy
Najimy, Maureen McGovern, and Judith well as returning guests
John Astin, Lolita Davidovich, Eddie Deezen, Gilbert Gottfreid, Judy
Tenuta, and (of course) Tim Curry.

This list isn't complete...and we're not even done recording yet!   Also,
we hope to have some very exciting casting news coming up in the near
future. As soon as it's final, I'll let y'all know.   

Thanks for hanging in there.  We really do appreciate it, and we've been
working very long days and nights to make next year worth the wait...Hope
we succeed.

And there's more.....

Date: 14 Oct 1995 07:52:10 -0400 
Subject: Chris Elliott on Duckman! 

Hello...Some of that exciting casting news I promised...At least WE think
it's very exciting.  Just a few hours ago, we recorded Chris Elliott as a
guest star for a very funny upcoming episode, in which Duckman and Cornfed
take on a college intern for the office, who kisses Duckman's ass while
scheming against Cornfed.  

Gene Laufenberg, one of our Executive Story Editors, wrote it with Chris
mind from the very start (the character's even named Elliott)  We're all
big fans of Chris', and it was a real thrill.  He was, of course,
hilarious...Can't wait for you to see it.

We're still working hard...More news as it comes in...

This just in...(part three)...

Subject: Duckman: New Season Sneak Preview
Date: 2 Dec 1995 00:44:18 -0500

Or: Some inside dope from an inside dope...

Hi and how are ya!

A little more inside scoop for you incredibly-patient Duckman fans, now
that we're actually heading into the home stretch: Those long-awaited 26
new episodes will probably start airing early in January.

We've just finished recording the last of this season's new episodes, and
we went out with a bang...and with some great guests.  Here's a little
sneak peek at the Final Four:

- Duckman tries to make amends for ruining the life of one of his old high
school friends (Peter Scolari), now homeless.  Peter was hilarious, as was
John de Lancie as an officious Social Services bureaucrat, and the one and
only John Vernon (ANIMAL HOUSE's Dean Wormer) in a role that was written
especially for him: Duckman's evil high school principal.

-- Duckman becomes a "player" at a major Hollywood studio ("Paradox
Pictures"), thanks to the backstabbing machinations of the weaselly studio
president, played by Brendan Fraser.  Paul Dooley, and the stunning Julie
Moran (of ET) also guest star. 

-- Get ready for this one: Duckman legally adopts Coolio (!) in order to
have a better shot at winning a father-son olympics than he would've had
with fumble-footed Ajax.  

-- And get REALLY ready for this one:  Is it possible that Duckman is
romantically involved with one of TV's sexiest women?  YES!  Duckman and
MELROSE PLACE's Courtney Thorne-Smith fall in love (!!!).  This episode
will feature Duckman's very first love scene, so try not to watch within
an hour of eating. 

By the way, hope many of you caught Gregg Berger's appearance on WINGS the
other night, playing the Stooges-loving Mr. Douglas.  He was hilarious. 
And watch for Jason's BYE BYE BIRDIE this Sunday...making certain to tape
Nancy's ALMOST PERFECT, of course.

Between all this moonlighting, we're still finding time to go to tomorrow
night's ACE awards.  We never miss an opportunity to watch someone else
win.  ;-)

If you're going to cross fingers, cross 'em for USA to renew DUCKMAN. 
That decision is coming up soon.

Thanks again for hanging in there...I'll try to answer questions whenever
I pop on here...

Duckman is a Klasky Csupo / Paramount Television production in association with Reno & Osborn Productions and based upon the underground comic created by Everett Peck.

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