David Burnett's Collection

David Burnett following John Kerry during the 2004 Presidential Campaign.

Burnett has photographed every U.S. President since Nixon.

Pope John Paul II, the most well traveled pontiff in history, here at his first American visit.

New York's Battery Park. November 1979

Burnett has photographed several Olympic moments.

1984 Los Angeles

A soldier during a liberation movement in the 1970's.

A mother protects her child while refugees flee the country.

Phil Mickelson's foot prints outside of a PGA Tournament in Texas in 2002.


Warren Buffet 2002

Bill Gates outside his Microsoft headquarters in 2001

Magazine Covers

Problems in the Supreme Court.

Time Magazine 2005.

Bill Clinton shows his love for Arkansas during their 1994 National Championship run.

Sports Illustrated 1994.