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L'Europe a sa ville, et cette ville c'est Paris  --Victor Hugo

The streets sing, the stones talk. The houses drip history, glory, romance.  -Henry Miller
General Information:  Paris, Ville du Monde (Paris, City of the World)
                Summer Travel Course
                May 16-June 6, 2005
                Dr. David S. Vanderboegh (
                Office: HC 232    Telephone: 280-3033

Address in Paris:         Hôtel Bellevue et du Chariot d'Or
                39, Rue de Turbigo
                75003 Paris
                Telephone: (011.33)

Course Objectives:

To provide the student with a general knowledge of the history of Paris through a coordinated program of study and site visits.

    • Cole, Robert.  A Traveller's History of Paris. New York: Interlink Books, 2003.
    • Guide Michelin: Paris. (French or English version) May be purchased on site.


This course is designed for students with an interest in the history of Paris and France. French majors and co-majors will be required to submit assignments in French. Others may participate in English.

Students are expected to keep up with the assigned readings and participate in classroom discussions and all scheduled site visits. (Our "classroom" will often be at some historical site, or in our hotel.) 


Assigned readings must be completed on time if you are to participate effectively with the group. Please read the Traveller's History entries (and Michelin Guide, if you like) before our trips to the sites listed. The Journal (see next page) should be considered a daily homework task.     

There is never any ending to Paris and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other. We always returned to it no matter who we were or how it was changed or with what difficulties, or ease, it could be reached. Paris was always worth it and you received return for whatever you brought to it. But this is how Paris was in the early days when we were very poor and very happy.
                                --Ernest Hemingway

New this year: Students have the choice between writing a research paper OR maintaining a daily journal. See below.

Research Paper:

Students will write a research paper on the topic of their choice (approved by the instructor). A list of suggested topics will be presented. The paper shall be a minimum of five pages in length (handwritten papers are accepted in this course). Students may work in pairs on this project. Those needing English texts may wish to select a topic before departure in order to locate resource material. French majors and minors will find resource material in local libraries and bookstores.   


A journal will be maintained by the student throughout the program. Daily entries shall be made regarding what was done during each day, details about the site visits (including factual information), and comments on various things observed or experienced during the course of the day,  French majors and co-majors must write in French. Students may add illustrations, ticket stubs, restaurant tabs, etc. The instructor will collect them from time to time for review, providing feedback. A final grade will be assigned based on the quality of the journal, which the student will keep at the end of the program. (See sample journal entry, attached to this syllabus.)                               


Each student (or pair) will prepare an oral exposé on his/her topic, to be delivered on site if possible. Students who choose to write a term paper will offer an exposé on their paper topic. Students who choose the journal option must pick a topic of interest, and may work with a partner. (Topic should be approved by instructor before preparation begins.) The exposé may include a guided tour by the student(s) where appropriate. The exposés will be scheduled during the last week of the tour.


There will be three tests. The tests will cover the readings, lectures, and discussions for that period. They will be composed of matching and short-answer questions.

Free days:

No scheduled group activities will occur on these days, and students are free to enjoy the city at their leisure, or travel with permission from the instructor (must provide complete itinerary).  Some of this time may have to be used for course projects or study. One of the pleasures of this program is that students can choose to work in a Paris café, or find a quiet spot along the Seine for inspiration.

Grade Distribution:

Tests:                60%
Oral Exposé      10%
Term Paper/Journal     30%
French 525
Daily Activities Schedule
    It is important to be flexible and open to opportunities as they present themselves.
    Changes in itinerary due to weather or other circumstances are likely!
    • We may make a day trip to Deauville, date to be announced
    • We will have an evening on Montmartre with the Vadorin-Paone family
    • An evening bateau mouche cruise on the Seine will be scheduled: weather important!
    NOTE: Asterisk (*) denotes entry in (optional) Michelin Guide. Use index to locate.


lundi 16 mai Departure, short night over the Atlantic. Try to get some sleep!
Why not begin your reading? 
mardi 17 mai Arrival at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Purchase of Carte Orange Coupon Semaine at Roissy station (Have I.D. photo ready!). RER to hotel. Time allowed to check in, unpack, and rest. Withdraw or exchange money. Stroll down the Boulevard de Sébastopol to the Latin Quarter, with a brief stop at the Centre Pompidou*.  Continue down the Boulevard Saint-Michel to the Jardin du Luxembourg.* Orientation on Paris Métro. Evening stroll up the Champs Elysées*  to the Arc de Triomphe*.
mercredi 18 mai Class Meeting: The geography of Paris & the City Today. (On site: the Parc des Buttes Chaumont*, weather permitting). Métro to Place de la République* for lunch, walk to hotel for break. Evening: Métro to Trocadéro and the Eiffel Tower*, elevator to top level for-perhaps-a sunset. 
jeudi 19 mai Class Meeting: The Origins of Paris and the Parisii, The Roman Invasion and Occupation of Gaul, the Barbarian invasions, the Franks, and the Viking invasions (covers THP 1-28). On site: Arènes de Lutèce* weather permitting
"Déjeuner sur le pouce" of a crêpe or gyros in the Quartier Latin*. Site visit:
Le Musée de Cluny* (Musée Nationale du Moyen Age), built over and beside the ruins of a Roman bath. We will also stroll by the Sorbonne* in the Quartier Latin.  Evening free.
vendredi 20 mai Site visit: Ile de la Cité*. After a stroll through the Marché aux fleurs*, we will visit Notre Dame* (and the Parvis), the Sainte-Chapelle*, and the Conciergerie*.
samedi 21 mai Morning free. Site visit: Chateau de Vincennes*  (afternoon). Class Meeting: Medieval Paris, the Hundred Years War (THP 29-62) Evening stroll (or rather climb) to Montmartre* to visit the Sacré Cœur* basilica and enjoy the panoramic view. 
dim. 22 mai Site visit: Le Louvre* (Morning-afternoon). Evening free.  (THP 63-90)
lundi 23 mai Class Meeting: Renaissance Paris, the Reformation, the Religious Wars, Louis XIII, the Fronde (covers THP 63-90).  On site at the Place des Vosges, weather permitting. Site visit: the Marais* quarter, including the Place des Vosges*. Lunch on the Rue des Rosiers*, in the Jewish quarter of Paris. Stroll to the Place de la Bastille* with a look at the modern Opéra-Bastille*.
mardi 24 mai **Test I (covers THP 1-90)  Afternoon free     
Before our next class meeting, please read THP 91-139
merc. 25 mai  Free day
jeudi 26 mai Free day
vendredi 27 mai Free day
samedi 28 mai Class meeting: The Ancien Régime and Absolutism, Louis XIV, Louis XV,
Louis XVI and the French Revolution (covers THP 91-139)
Site visit: Basilique de Saint-Denis 
dim. 29 mai Class meeting: Napoléon and Empire, the Restoration, the July Monarchy, The Second Empire, the Commune (covers THP 139-177)
Site visit: Les Invalides*: the tomb of Napoléon and the Musée de l'Armée*.  
lundi 30 mai Site visit: le Panthéon*, l'Eglise St-Etienne du Mont*
**Test II (covers THP 91-177) 
mardi 31 mai Site visit: Stroll up the Canal Saint-Martin* to La Villette*.
Exposés begin.  (Read THP: 178-207)
merc. 1er juin Morning: Site visit: Le Musée d'Orsay*
Afternoon: Presentation on French colonization of Algeria and North African             emigration to France by Oussama Kharchi.
Evening: Couscous dinner with Dr. Kharchi at the Mosquée restaurant, adjacent to the Paris Mosque.
jeudi 2 juin
Site visit: Chateau de Versailles. 
Late afternoon/evening: Annual fondue party with the Massonnat family in Jouy-en-Josas. If the weather is nice, bring bathing suit! (Read THP: 208-247)
vendredi 3 juin Class meeting: La Belle Epoque, World War I, L'Entre-deux-guerres, World War II, Colonial Crisis, Modern Paris.
Site visit: La Défense* and the Grande Arche*.  Evening free.
samedi 4 juin Site visit: Le marché aux Puces* (Flea Market) de Clignancourt (morning).
Last day for exposés (on site, when possible)
dimanche 5 juin **Test III (covers THP 178-247)
Site visit: A stroll and some rowing in the Bois de Boulogne* (Weather permitting). Evening free.
lundi 6 juin Check-out. Those heading for airport can take RER or split cab to Charles de Gaulle airport for departure.  Those staying are off for further adventures.
Bon voyage à tous!





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