The Keating Family of Irish Creek, KS many of the log cabins have disappeared, and handsome "farm-houses,"
freshly painted, are dotted here and there over the beautiful country.
..."Osage-orange" hedges are now growing up, which give
a cheerful appearance to the face of the country.
...and close by, extensive orchards and gardens flourish in the summer.
...The wives of our Irish farmers out here are industrious and provident,
and in whatever farm-house the stranger enters, to share in the mid-day meal,
he is sure to find preserved and pickled fruits upon the hospitable board.
                                                Fr. T. A. Butler

Bridget Holland with Mary Keating

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Keating Homeplace, July 4, 1916

Seated are Bridget Holland, widow of James Keating,
with her daughter Mary E. Keating, wife of John R. Smith.

Standing in back are Bridget's sons, James A., and Henry L.
Nora Keating Cunningham, daughter of Henry,
wrote this info on her copy of this photo.
We are grateful to know the date and the identity of everyone.

Great Grandma Bridget always wore that bonnet, even to bed,
and she slept under the flag of Ireland.
She was scarcely 5 feet tall.

Click here to see another copy of this photo
which was in the possession of Millie Compton,
granddaughter of Bridget Keating.

View the gedcom file on the Keatings from this link:
and see why it is said that there are more descendents from the Keatings
than any other Irish Creek family.

Read the Deeds for the Keating's farm
Whereby James and Bridget Keating received clear title to the homestead
and how his sons, James and Henry, bought out
their brothers' and sister's interests in the farm,
after their father's death.

The Keating home in summer.
A watercolor painting of Aurelia's flowers
around the Keating Home.

The Smith's Model A at Henry Keating's place.
Cousins at Henry and Mollie Keating's House
Syl Bennett, John Bennett (in the car), Rudy [Raphael] Pierce, Bernard Smith,
Winnie Keating, Angie Keating, Tead Keating (holding her brother Willie [Joe]), and Monie Keating.

Bridget Holland with Mary Keating

The stone of James and Bridget Keating

in St. Joseph's Cemetery on Irish Creek.
You can see St. Joseph's Church on the right hand horizon line.

James and Bridget Keating are my great great great grandparents.
Their daughter Mary Keating, and her husband John Smith, are my great great grandparents.

We are looking for a photograph of James A. Keating, Sr.

Many thanks to my cousin Martha Shuckenbrock and her late mother, Millie Compton,
for preserving the photograph of our Great Grandmothers Bridget and Mary.
Martha's grandmother, Anna Keating Wendling, and my great great grandmother, Mary Keating Smith, were sisters.
And thanks to Carolyn Keating Schlegel, granddaughter of James A.,
for uncovering Nora Cunningham's copy of this priceless photo,
found in the possession of Dorothy Haskin, daughter of Nora.
And my thanks and devotion to Bill Brady for marrying my cousin Bea Bennett,
for their friendship and their love of Irish Creek families and the Church.

Check out the history of another Irish Creek family, the Harringtons,
and see how they are related to the Keatings, and Smiths,
in this wonderful article authored by Bill Brady.

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