Hi, I'm Ben

:: I'm a Senior information systems student at Creighton messing around with Ruby on Rails
:: I take responsibility for coining the term, "Schmeebs"
:: I recently joined TechCrunch as a web developer


Originally from the Silicon Valley and traveled out to Omaha for college at Creighton University originally thinking I wanted to be a medical doctor. After a few weeks, I quickly realized my passion lies with technology, business, and data analysis. I look to be involved with large-impact opportunities where I can noticeably make a difference and help out the cause.

Things that interest me:

Consumer internet sites
Venture Capital

Data organization, mining, presentation and analysis
MapReduce & Hadoop

City/Community Development
Economic Development
Game Theory

I've Worked For:

Retired projects:

GoPollGo.com: A real-time, data-visualization tool for your online polling needs. Launched 9.11.2009. Check it out.
My first real big public project

Verse.FM: A legal solution to lyrics hosting.
Currently a side project underneath the covers.