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Tiger Cubs

These Tiger Cub pages were developed for the Tiger Cub/Partner plan prior to Summer 2001 (pre Tiger-den). However, there is a lot of information that can be used with the new Tiger Cub program and handbook. Check them out!

Tiger Cub Information

Tiger Cub FAQs

Earn Bobcat the FUN Way!

Tiger Cub Big Idea Meeting Plans

1: Getting to Know You
2: Family Entertainment
3: Nature and Energy
4: Prepare for Emergencies
5: Know Your Family
6: Know Your Community
7: Helping Others
8: Go See It
9: Getting There

10: Something Special All Your Own
11: Making Your Family Special
12: Make Your Own
13: Caring for Your Home
14: Family Games, Tricks & Puzzles
15: Fitness and Sports
16: Tell It Like It Is
17: Cub Scouting, Here We Come!
17: Cub Scouting, Here We Come!

Tiger Cub Helps

Hints for Success
Tiger Songs
Field Trip Ideas
Planning for Cub Scouts
Tiger Graduation

Games #1
Games #2
Games #3
Games #4 (relays)
Games #5 (tag)

Big Idea Plans #1
(Word97) (same as plans above)
Big Idea Plans #2
Big Idea Plans #3

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