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Relay Fun

Have boys stand in their dens and count off 1-n. Then have all the 1s form one team, all the 2s form another team and so on. This way all teams should be relatively evenly matched in size and age. Each team should have the appropriate materials supplied for their team.

Crazy Relays 1
1. Run to the other end, eat one cracker, then whistle/hum "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
2. Go down and back tapping a balloon and keeping it in the air. If it hits the floor, pick it up and continue.
3. Walk down and back with a potato between your knees. If it falls, pick it up and put it back between your knees and continue.
4. Trot backwards, flapping your arms.
5. Using a broom, sweep a paper towel tube down and back.
6. Place an empty paper cup over a straw and place the straw in your mouth. Go down and back keeping the cup on the straw and the straw in your mouth.
7. Clasp your ankles with your hands and keeping them there, go down and back.

Crazy Relays 2
1. Carry a craft stick/clothespin/small straw to the other end and drop it into a jar/can.
2. Place a ping pong ball on a spoon and carry it down and back.
3. Using a long cardboard tube (gift paper tube), "sweep" an empty pop bottle or can down and back.
4. Carry "n" stacked checkers in your open hand (can't close fingers around them) down and back. Can use two hands to pass the checkers to the next player. You can't start running until the checkers are stacked in your hand
5. Carry an empty pop can down to the other end and stack them up into a tall tower. If the tower falls, re-stack it before returning.
6. Put on a pair of large gloves (disposable plastic or other). Run down to the other end, and unwrap a piece of gum or candy. You can eat it. Run back and give the gloves to the next player.
7. With both hands and feet on the floor, hop down and back.

Animal Relay
The players form two lines with equal numbers on each team. The first animal on each team is an animal, the second a different animal. On the word "go", the first person acts like the animal they represent, run, hop or crawl to a given place and back. The next person then acts like their animals and so on until one team is finished and sitting down. Use animals such as kangaroos, bunnies, dogs, cats etc...

Bean Bag Relays
Walk/run/hop with bag on head/between knees/between feet.

Ball of String Relay
The players should be in two teams standing in two circles with a ball of string. The captain holds one end, while the ball is passed rapidly from hand to hand until it is unwound. It is then passed back and rewound.

Car Relay
Divide into teams. Players on each team line up in line at the starting line except for one player per team. This player should be able to read well and stands at the "hat" end of the relay course. The "reader" stands at the "hat" and helps teammates read their instruction:
Brand New = runs
Antique = walks
Stuck in Reverse = runs backward
VW Bug = crouch and run
Flat Tire = hops on one foot
Broken Steering Wheel = runs zigzag
Rusty Transmission = takes three steps forward and two steps backwards
Semi = jogs while pulling an imaginary pull chain and making toot-toot sound

Corner Spry Relay
Teams arrange themselves in lines at the four corners of the playing space. Each team has a captain. The four captains stand in the center, facing their teams. Each team has one beanbag, ball, or even an apple. The Captain throws the bean bag to each player on is team in turn. The players toss it back. As the captain throws to the last he calls "corner spry" and runs to the head of the line. The last player in the line rushes to the center and begins to throw the bean bag. This continues until the captain is back in the center with the bean bag.

Gum-glove Relay
Each team needs one pair of gloves, one paper bag and one stick of gum per player. Hand a closed paper bag to the first player on each team. The paper bag contains one pair of gloves and the gum. The first player on each team opens the bag, puts on the gloves and digs down into the bag for the gum. He pulls one stick out, unwraps it and chews it. He then puts the gloves back in the bag, closes it and hands it to the next person in line, who repeats the procedure. The first team to be chewing all the gum in the bag wins.

Jumpball Relay
Teams line up with team members behind their team captains in file formation. At a distance of about 10 yards are placed play balls. One for each one on another straight line. On the word GO, the first member of each team runs to his team's ball and places it between his ankles. The next person then runs back to the far line, places the ball between his feet and hops back. If the ball is dropped, the player must return to the line and start over. The first team finished and sitting down is the winner.

Obstacle Relay
Players run the course from the head of the team to the turning point and back to the head of the team performing along the course of the run three or more stunts, with or without apparatus. The use of hoops, skipping ropes, Indian clubs, mats, low vaulting boxes, basketball hoops, or what-have-you offer an almost endless selection of obstacles.

Over and Under
Team assumes astride position and all bend over and place their hands on their knees. The rear man of the team is runner No. 1. He must leap frog the first man in front of him, crawl under the legs of the second, leap the third and so on the front of the team.

Paul Revere Relay
Divide children into teams of 6 -12. Place teams in column 20 feet or more apart, the back man being the latest and the most active on the team. On the work "go" he dashes forward and jumps pick-a-back on number 2, who dashes forward to #3 and the transfer of the light rider must be made. The rider must not touch the ground. First team to have their rider reach the beginning of the line wins.

Stunt Relay
In stunt relays, the runners advance to the turning point, stop, perform a stunt and return to tag the next runner on their team. There is hardly and end to the number of stunts which can be performed.

T-Shirt Relay
You have one oversized t-shirt for each team. The first person in each team puts on the shirt then turns to face the second person in line. These two hold hands (both hands!). Then when you say go the rest of the team pulls the shirt up over the first players head, up his arms, down the next players arms and finally completely on the next player (the shirt will be inside out at this point). Now player two turns to player three and you start again.

Tunnel Relay
All members in the team stand astride. Runners must first crawl under the legs of all players in the team, run forward to the turning point and return to tag the next man of the team who does the same.

Wiggle Worm Relay
Form relay lines. Everyone in each line puts their left hand between their legs and the person behind, then signals to grab them from behind with their right hand. Then they run at a given signal to the other end of the playing area and back. The first team to return 'intact' wins!

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