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Games to Help Webelos
Learn the Arrow of Light Award

The Webelos Scouts have more fun if you set up a few of these for each meeting. Set up stations and have the Cubs rotate through them. All these activities can be done for both the Boy Scout Oath (Promise) and the Boy Scout Law (12 Points).

#1: Repetition
Write the Oath/Promise on posterboard and display it every den meeting. Recite it together each meeting. Let the Cubs recite it from memory if able.

#2: Line up the Lines
Write the Oath/Promise on strips of paper in large letters. Mix up the strips and have a whole den challenge. One by one, a Cub hops to the strips, grabs one, and brings it back to the group. The next Cub hops up and gets another strip and brings it back to the group. Hopping is done to give the group time to arrange the strips in order. The group has to agree on how to arrange the strips. When done, they recite the Oath/Promise together.

#3: Line up the Lines Relay
Divide the boys into teams of 3-4 boys. Each team has its own set of strips. Repeat as in "Line up the Lines."

#4: Line up the Lines Contest
Give each Cub Scout a set of strips. Let them race individually to finish correctly.

#5: Pick-up Sticks Game
Write the Promise on craft sticks or paint stir sticks. Let each Cub practice by dropping and reassembling these by himself. Or divide the Cubs into teams, with each team having a set of sticks. One by one, the Cubs go to the table, pick-up then drop the sticks on the table and reassemble them. Have an adult tally the score for each team (award 1 point each time the Oath/Promise or Law is assembled correctly).

#6: Picture Craft
Have each boy write the Oath/Promise on craft sticks. Then glue the sticks to cardboard in order. Punch holes in the top of the cardboard and tie a pipe cleaner through these or hot glue a magnet strip to the back.

#7: Roll the Dice Game
This requires one dice. Each boy rolls the dice and depending on what number comes up, he performs one of the requirements of the Bobcat trail. Score points for each boy who does the task correctly. Add some flavor - let a roll of 5 yield an extra roll.
1 = Boy Scout Oath & its meaning
2 = Boy Scout Law & its meaning
3 = Scout motto & slogan
4 = Scout sign/salute/handshake
5 = Scout badge & BS uniform
6 = Tie a square knot

#8: Mystery Bag
Bribe the Cubs with a chance to reach into the "mystery bag," a bag filled with trinkets. At the beginning of the meeting, announce the "secret" Boy Scout requirement. Have the Cubs practice it once. At the end of the meeting, each Cub must perform/recite the requirement to the leader. If successful, he gets to reach into the mystery bag for a prize. Start easy so they succeed but each meeting, make the task more difficult.


Last updated January, 2002

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