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Figure It!
By Barb Stephens

Guess what? A kind benefactor wants to send your den to Disneyworld in Florida, but only if your den can figure the least expensive way to get there. You've made some queries into various modes of transportation and this is what you found:

Minivans: It is 3000 miles round trip and you will need to take two minivans, which each average 30 mpg. Gas costs $1.50/gallon. There will be 8 boys and 4 adults attending. The wear on each minivan will be $25 for the whole trip. You will need to book 3 motel rooms for 2 nights going down and 2 nights back home and you can figure they will average $80/room. For 6 days of travel, there will be 18 meals/person which will cost $90 each.

Greyhound Bus: The cost to travel to Disneyworld is $110/person and it will take 1.5 days each way. There will be 6 meals/person costing $30 each.

Airplane: You can get a special purchase fare, 14 day advance purchase that costs $140/person round trip. There will be only one day of travel each way and each person will need $15 for food along the way.

Gas: 2 minivans: 3000+3000=6000mi / 30mpg = 200 gallons
200 gallons x $1.50/gal = $300.00 for gas
Wear: 2 x $25/minivan = $50.00 for wear
Lodging: 2 x ($70/room x 3 rooms) = $420.00 for lodging
Food: $90/person x 12 people = $1080.00 for food
TOTAL: $1850.00
Fare: $125/person x 12 people = $1500.00
Food: $30/person x 12 people = $360.00
TOTAL: $1860.00
Fare: $140/person x 12 people = $1680.00
Food: $15/person x 12 people = $180.00
TOTAL: $1860.00

Last updated June 14, 2002

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