Pack 114 Fun Pages - Showman Activity Badge

By Barb Stephens

A thaumatrope is a card with different designs on each side which, when the card is twirled, blend into one. Create one or both of these nature thaumatropes.

1. Cut out a pair of pictures. You can make them square or circular.

2. If you cut out square shapes, glue them both right-side-up on opposite sides of a pencil or straw. Place the pencil between your palms and rub your palms in opposite directions, back and forth.

3. If you cut out circular shapes, place one upside-down behind the other. Then poke a tiny hole on the sides of both papers and tie a string (about 6" each) into each hole. Now twirl the string so it gets cork-screwed. Then alternately relax the pull and tighten the pull on the string so it rotates.

In both cases, you should begin to see both images at the same time!



Last updated June 1, 2001

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