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Study Skills
By Barb Stephens

You are the captain of your very own scholar-ship, or learning. Teachers and parents can help, but how well you do in school depends greatly on how well you do your homework. School has just started. Imagine that your scholar-ship has just left port for a nine-month cruise. You will decide how smooth the trip is going to be. You will set your goals and chart your own course. Before your scholar-ship really gets under way, it's a good idea to check your skills to find out where you need to improve. You'll want to get your scholar-ship into shipshape.

Draw a face that would show how well you think you use your study skills.

1. Lifestyle Do you allow enough time for sleep, rest and fun activities?  
2. Assignment Do you keep up with and write down your assignments?  
3. Schedule Do you set aside time to study?  
4. Place Do you have a good, quiet place to study?  
5. Organization Do you organize your study area?  
6. Focus Do you keep your mind from wandering by remembering your study skills?  
7. Review Do you ask yourself questions or have your parents ask you questions to make certain you understand what you have studied?  

Last updated June 8, 1996

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