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Campfire Fun & Safety
By Barb Stephens

If You're Lost in the Woods
Fill in the blanks with a word from this list. All words should be used once.
dry fire head hole leaves
nightfall run sheltered signal wander

1. Stop, sit down, and try to figure out where you are. Use your __________, not your legs.
2. If caught by night, fog or a storm, stop at once and make camp in a __________ spot.
3. Build a __________ in a safe place.
4. Gather plenty of __________ fuel.
5. Don't __________ about. Travel only downhill.
6. If injured, choose a clear spot and make a __________ (smoke) fire.
7. Don't yell, don't __________, don't worry, and above all, don't quit.
8. If caught out during __________, find shelter quickly - a ledge, a large boulder or a fallen tree.
9. If without a sleeping bag, build a fire in a deep __________, cover 6 inches of hot coal (wood) with 6 inches of earth and sleep on the warmed earth.
10. Use __________ and branches as a blanket to shelter yourself.

Fire Safety
Mark each True statement with T and each False statement with F.

____ 1. Build fires close to your tent.
____ 2. Be sure fire is downwind from tents.
____ 3. Keep cooking fires as large as can be. They'll cook faster.
____ 4. Clear an area ten feet in diameter of all burnable material, or as required by local law.
____ 5. Place ten fire buckets filled with water at each tent.
____ 6. Always extinguish fires and other flame sources before you go to sleep.
____ 7. Put fires dead out with any liquid you have on hand.
____ 8. Never leave a fire unattended.

Edible Fire
Teach the art of fire building by letting the scouts make an edible fire. Make sure you OK the fire before they consume it! Here are two plans.

Edible Fire #1
Use frosting to assemble the following items into an edible fire:
Large cookie = base
Peanut M&Ms = rock ring
Potato sticks = kindling
Pretzel sticks = logs
Candy corn = fire
Tootsie rolls = fuel wood
Granola = dirt
Small cups = water buckets
Edible Fire #2
Napkin = base
Small Marshmallows = fire ring
Flaked Coconut = kindling
Red Hots or Raisins = coals
Candy Corn = flames
Pretzel Sticks = logs
Small cup of Kool-Aid = water to put out the fire


Last updated June 4, 2001

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