Pack 114 Fun Pages - Naturalist Activity Badge

Arbor Day Treasures
By Barb Stephens

Find the tree name hidden in the following sentences:

1. The ranger's map led us safely through the woods.

2. Will owls hoot in daylight?

3. It's fun to hike and tramp in every direction.

4. Forest rangers wear white helmets.

5. We saw a honey bee checking clover blossoms for honey.

6. Many forest fires are caused by human carelessness.

7. We got soaked when we were caught in a cloudburst.

8. The boy's face darkened when she kissed him on the cheek.


Last updated June 14, 2002

Visit Pack 114's Fun Pages Index Visit Pack 114's Library Answers: 1-maple 2-willow 3-pine 4-elm 5-beech 6-fir 7-oak 8-cedar