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Nature Quiz
By Barb Stephens

Circle the best answer for each question.

1. All birds have:
a. feathers
b. two legs
c. teeth

2. An annual flower blooms:
a. every year
b. twice a year
c. only once

3. A monsoon is a:
a. flower
b. animal
c. wind

4. In a hive, the worker bees are called:
a. drones
b. workers
c. queen bees

5. A starfish has:
a. five or more arms
b. three arms
c. four arms

6. A salamander is:
a. a shrub
b. an amphibian
c. a fish
7. A snake's shedding of it's skin is called:
a. pelting
b. molting
c. sloughing

8. A geyser is a volcano of boiling:
a. water
b. oil
c. lava

9. Rats belong to the family of:
a. felines
b. rodents
c. reptiles

10. Watering soil to help make it fertile is called:
a. rotation
b. selection
c. irrigation

11. A fungus is:
a. a tropical tree
b. plant growth
c. a wild animal

12. A whale is a:
a. mammal
b. fish
c. amphibian


Last updated June 6, 2001

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