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Answers - Rare Bird Facts

By Barb Stephens

  1. What is the fastest flying bird?
    Swifts have been timed at 200 mph.
  2. How high can birds fly?
    A vulture has been seen flying at 25,000 feet, but most birds rarely fly above 3,000 feet.
  3. What is the Nebraska State Bird?
    Western Meadowlark
  4. What bird has become extinct in the las 75 years?
    Passenger Pigeon
  5. Why do all birds build nests?
    Birds build nests to "house" their eggs while they incubate
  6. Name two "major league" birds.
    Cardinal and Oriole
  7. Which birds can fly backwards?
    Hummingbirds or any bird using fluttering flight
  8. What bird is known for its famous deliveries?
  9. What is the largest bird in North America?
    Trumpet Swan
  10. What is the smallest bird in the world?
    Bee Hummingbird of Cuba - 2.25" long
  11. List three birds that cannot fly.
    Kiwi, Penguin, Ostrich
  12. What color is a bluebird?
    It appears blue because of reflection and diffraction of light due to the structure of feathers


Last updated April 29, 1997

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