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Diary of a Tree
created by Bev O'Neal

Read the tree diary below and complete the tree rings the way you think they would look based on the tree's thoughts. When you're done, see if you can appropriately label these parts of the tree: cambium, phloem, xylem, growth ring, heartwood, outer bark.

Year 1- (this one is done already) I am one year old today! Happy Birthday to me! I am as thin as a reed and I bend easily in the wind.

Year 2 - Today I turned 2! It's been a tough year. There are a lot of big trees all around me and I have a hard time seeing the sun. I wish they would sit down or something.

Year 3 - Three years old! Yipee! Still kind of crowded around here. But I do see somesun on my north side every day. We had a very long winter too.

Year 4 - Wonder what I'll get for my birthday? The trees on my east and south side all rotted and fell to the ground. Lots of neat stuff in the soil all around me now. I just love gooey stuff.

Year 5 - I'm a big boy now! This has been a fun year. Lots of rain and sun. I'm not crowded any more and soon I will be a big tree too.

Year 6 - Happy Birthday to Me! It's been a hot year. I'm so thirsty.

Year 7 - I would like a cup of water for my birthday.

Year 8 - It's not so fun being a big tree. I wish it would rain. Could you teach me a rain dance?

Year 9 - It's great to be a tree! Lots of sun and rain. I've had the best year of my life! Must have been that new rain dance I learned that did the trick.

Year 10 - Another great year! And guess what? I'm 10 years old just like you. There is one major difference between you and me though. I don't have to do homework! YIPPPEEEE!

Last updated June 14, 2002

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