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Forests of the United States
By Barb Stephens

Below is a map of the United States showing many of the National Forests. Also listed are some of the major forest names (and states). Write the number of the forest name on a forest on the map where you think it should be. (The state abbreviations are given to help you.)

1. Chattahooche (TN/GA)
2. Monongahela (VA/WV)
3. Daniel Boone (KY)
4. White Mountain (NH)
5. Chippewa (MN)
6. Mark Twain (MO)
7. Ozark (AK)
8. Davy Crockett & Sam Houston (TX)
9. Pike, Rio Grande (CO)

10. Carson & Santa Fe (NM)
11. Tonto & Coconino (AZ)
12. Tahoe, Sierra, Shasta (CA)
13. Toiyabe (NV)
14. Mt Hood (OR & WA)
15. Nez Perce & Sawtooth (ID)
16. Lewis & Clark (MT)
17. Bighorn (WY)
18. Black Hills (SD)

Forest Layers
Try to find a good picture of a forest showing all the layers, or better yet, take a hike through a forest. Then see if the boys can put the appropriate words into the blanks in the paragraph below.

              litter               trees               ground cover               shrubs

There are several layers to most forests. The most evident are the __________ that fill

most of our vision. Then lower are thebushy ____________ followed by the fallen leaves

and mossy __________ ___________ covering the forest soil. Sometimes a fourth layer,

___________, is added by careless humans who don't clean up after themselves.

Answer: trees, shrubs, ground cover, litter

Last updated June 14, 2002

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