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Junior Forest Ranger Quiz
By Barb Stephens

Circle the best answer for each question.

1. Campfire permits are required for:
b. outdoor areas, depending on local laws

2. If a fire gets out of hand, you should:
b. report it immediately to a forest ranger

3. The best place to ask where forest campfires can be built is:
c. ranger or fire warden stations

4. When staying overnight in a forest, before going to bed, you should:
b. put out your campfire

5. When you see a bear in the forest, park or zoo, you should:
c. stay away from him

6. To cook properly over a campfire, you should:
b. build a small fire and cook over the embers

7. The best way to put out a campfire is:
a. spread out the embers and cool with dirt or water

8. The best spot for a campfire is:
c. in a cleared open space away from trees

9. For camping or burning trash, the following is the most important and practical tool to carry in a car:
a. shovel

10. If your clothes happen to catch fire, you should:
a. keep calm, do not run, roll a blanket around you to smother the flames
11. Camp matches should be:
a. kept in a metal container

12. The safest way to start a campfire is with:
c. small pieces of kindling wood

13. The safest way for adults to light cigarettes is to:
a. use a cigarette lighter

14. A person who is careless and starts a forest fire:
c. can be fined and sent to jail

15. Well-managed forests give us:
b. wood, water, wildlife, grass and outdoor fun

16. A match or a cigarette thrown from a car window:
c. is never safe

17. A windy day is a good time:
c. not to start a campfire

18. A trash-burning incinerator should be:
a. equipped with a good spark arrester

19. Before lighting an open fire:
b. local fire laws should be checked and obeyed

20. Junior Forest Rangers:
c. help prevent forest fires


Last updated June 6, 2001

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