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Forest Products
By Barb Stephens

Forest Trees and their Useful Wood Products
Write the letter of the wood product on the right, next to the correct tree variety on the left.

___ Cedar
___ Redwood
___ Long Leaf Pine
___ Pecan, Oak, Ash
___ White Pine
___ Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine

A. pulpwood for paper, lumber
B. lumber, turpentine, tar
C. lumber, telephone poles
D. shingles
E. furniture
F. weather-resistant lumber

Lumber Production in the United States
Circle the correct answer in each set of braces { }.
1. The major { softwoods OR hardwoods } are Douglas fir and Southern pines.
2. Production of lumber in the United States is { 15% OR 85% } from softwoods, { 15% OR 85% } from hardwoods.

Forest Fun
Fill in the blanks with the name of the tree it reminds you of.
Sumac Walnut Mesquite Rubber Oak Spruce
Ash Elder Pine Orange Apple Locust

1. ____________ A person who is old
2. ____________ Something that stretches
3. ____________ A bright color
4. ____________ A nut
5. ____________ Small insect
6. ____________ Another name for cleaning up
7. ____________ OK spelled with an A in the middle
8. ____________ A present for a teacher
9. ____________ The most "knotty" wood
10. ____________ The sound a slap makes
11. ____________ Fire leftovers
12. ____________ A city in west Texas

Forest Plants Useful to Wildlife
Match the forest plants to their best uses:
Wild flowers shelter, homes for small animals
Wild berries food for birds, animals
Grasses, mosses nectar for bees to make honey
Hollow trees food for deer, other animals
Chestnut trees nesting for red-cockaded woodpecker
Pine trees food for wild turkeys


Last updated June 1, 2001

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