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Home Inspection
By Barb Stephens

Home Inspector
First, locate unsafe conditions and eliminate all hazards promptly. The following questions will aid you in making an inspection of your home.

1. Do you have a strong, safe step ladder for reaching heights?

2. Are halls and stairways safe and well lighted?

3. Are means taken to prevent rugs from slipping, particularly on polished floors?

4. Is a rubber mat provided for the bathtub to prevent slipping?

5. Are metal boxes provided for storing matches out of reach of children?

6. Do you have a screen for use in front of open fires?

7. Are your furnace and stove pipes clean?

8. Are all gas pipes and fixtures tight to prevent leaks?

9. Do you have a cabinet which can be locked, for storing poisons and medicines out of reach of children?

10. Are emergency numbers for police, fire and poison control posted by the telephone?

Discover Unsafe Family Habits
Now, walk through your house and find any unsafe habits which you or other members of the family may have. Use the following questions as a guide.

1. Are toys, brooms, soap, and other articles kept off stairs and walks?

2. Are ice, snow, grease, or other slippery substances removed from steps and walks promptly?

3. Do you, if possible, go out of doors to use flammable cleaning fluids?

4. Have the children in your home been taught the danger of playing with knives, scissors, bottles, and matches near stoves and open fires?

5. Is the garage door kept open when the car is inside with the engine running?

6. Do you always check twice to be sure appliances are off before leaving the house?

7. Are there proper containers in the home for cigarettes? Better yet, if anyone smokes in the home encourage them to quit, for their own and the family's health.

8. Is the dryer lint filter cleaned after each load?

9. Do you know how to use tools safely, and are they stored properly?

10. Are firearms stored out of reach and unloaded?

11. Are plastic bags and plastic materials kept out of reach of young children?

Last updated June 6, 2001

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