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Family Finances
By Barb Stephens

Webelos Family Member Scavenger Hunt
Have boys find another boy in their den with the following:
1. A parent who works at _____________
2. Has a great grandparent still living
3. Has two sisters
4. Has the same favorite color
5. Lives in a five-bedroom house
6. Has his Arrow of Light
7. Has lived in another state
8. Has a grandparent/aunt/uncle living with his family.
9. Has a relative living in outside the United States.
10. Has had a foreign exchange student living with them.

What Does Your Family Spend Money On?
Here is a list of things families may spend money on. In the blank in front of each item, guess and write down how much money you think is spent (per month). Then take this list home and ask a parent to fill in more accurate amounts. Which items did you get right? Which items really surprised you?
________ 1. House payment or rent
________ 2. Car payment
________ 3. Gas, oil, tires, etc.
________ 4. Food
________ 5. Clothing and shoes
________ 6. Insurance: Life, Health, Auto, Home
________ 7. Medical and dental bills
________ 8. Schooling
________ 9. Church and charity donations
________ 10. Utilities: electric, gas, telephone, cable TV
________ 11. Savings
________ 12. Vacations
________ 13. Retirement funds
________ 14. Hair cuts
________ 15. Health and beauty supplies
________ 16. Cleaning supplies
________ 17. Repairs
________ 18. Family funds
________ 19. Hobbies
________ 20. Fun and recreation

Driving Record
Make a chart for each driver and keep a record of every trip for a week. Record the purpose and mileage for each trip.

Here's a sample chart:
Date Purpose Miles   Date Purpose Miles
1/4/01 To work and back 14   1/6/01 Gas station 8
1/4/01 Grocery store 11   1/6/01 Music practice 3
1/4/01 Library 2   1/7/01 To work and back 14
1/5/01 To work and back 14   1/7/01 PTA meeting 5
1/5/01 Scout meeting 4   1/8/01 To work and back 14
1/6/01 To work and back 14   1/8/01 Movie 12

For the week of _________________
Date Purpose Miles   Date Purpose Miles

When the week is over, study the number of trips, their purpose and the total miles driven. Develop a plan with your family that will reduce the number of trips and the miles driven. Repeat the process for another week. Total the number of trips and miles driven. Compare the two weeks' data. How many miles and trips are saved? If your car averages 13 mpg, how much gas did your plan save in a week? How much money was saved? How much would be saved in one year?

Last updated June 4, 2001

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