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Communications Quiz
By Barb Stephens

1. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans used a writing material called papyrus. Was it made of a metal, a plant or clay?

2. When Columbus spoke with the Indians he handed them a Spanish-Indian dictionary, and they had no difficulty understanding each other. Was this true?

3. Johannes Gutenberg is known for inventing one of the most important methods of communication of all time. What was it?

4. What American who went to England to study art, gave the world the telegraph?

5. What modern invention brought the ends of the world less than a second apart?

6. What instrument is responsible for instant personal communication? Call for help if you can't get this one!

7. What kind of bird has been trained to carry messages?

8. The American Indians could signal each other from great distances. What did they use to do this?

9. In August 1858, twenty-five hundred miles across the Atlantic Ocean were spanned for a certain type of communication. What was it?

10. If you were trying to communicate with a friend through the U.S. mail, using USPS products, the picture of what famous American would be on the postcard?


Last updated June 13, 2002

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