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Alphabet Soup
By Barb Stephens

Using the letter of the alphabet displayed, fill in the answer for each clue.
The first one has been done for you.

The "Jungle Book" name of an important Cub Scout Leader is Akela.

When they are old enough, Cub Scouts can join a troop of B____ _______.

The title of the leader of the Pack is C____________.

The title of the Cub Scout who is the number one den helper is the D_______.

One Cub Scout elective activity which could include wiring a door bell is E______________.

Every Cub Scout shows respect to this patriotic item that is used in opening ceremonies, the F_____.

The Webelos activity badge that includes the study of rocks, minerals, mountains and earthquakes is G__________.

A physical journey that Scouts big and small enjoy in the outdoors is a H_____.

This substance is found in instruments we write with: I___

Kids like to see how far or how high they can do this physical action: J_____

One way to move the ball in football or soccer is to K_____ it.

This is the noise we make when something is funny or we are happy: L_______

This is made by voices or by instruments: M_______

A familiar information source that contains many articles and is often recycled is a N_____________.

People from many nations around the world take part in the O_________ events every four years.

These play characters are fun to make and are used in some skits: P_________

The Cubmaster expects Q_______ when he give the Cub Scout sign.

During races or relays we move our legs quickly and this is called R_________.

The act of making musical sounds with words is another word for S_________.

When the Cub Scout sign is given, we must stop T__________.

A shirt, neckerchief and slide are part of the Cub Scout U________.

During the summer, we often take time for a family V___________.

When a Cub Scout is 10 years old, and in the 4th or 5th grade, he can earn the Cub Scout rank of W__________.

The musical instrument, a X____________ sort of resembles a piano.

Today is Y_____________ tomorrow.

A Z_____ is where lots of wild animals are kept for visitors to view.

Last updated June 8, 1996

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