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Citizen Scavenger Hunt
By Barb Stephens

Most government buildings offer a tour of some sort and you might be able to combine the tour with the following scavenger hunt. Divide the den into two or three teams and give the boys a reasonable time limit. Have them locate answers to questions like these:

1. What is the mayor's middle initial and what does the initial stand for?

2. Bring back a piece of stationery showing our town's logo or crest.

3. Draw a picture of our state flag.

4. On what floor of City Hall can you find _______________?

5. Who runs the Water Works Department and what does that department do?

6. Where does the City Council meet?

7. What's on the top floor of the City Hall building?

8. What is the full name of the governor of the state?

9. Get a brochure about trash pick up service.

10. Who takes care of snow removal/tree removal from city streets and what is their budget?

Last updated June 12, 2002

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