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Duties & Rights
By Barb Stephens

Every Citizen has ...
Complete each statement by inserting duty or right in the blank.

1. the __duty__ to obey all laws.

2. the __right__ to equal protection of laws and equal justice in the courts.

3. the __duty__ to respect the rights of others.

4. the __duty__ to inform yourself on issues of government.

5. the __right__ to be free of arbitrary search and seizure.

6. the __right__ to equal education and economic opportunity.

7. the __duty__ to serve on a jury if called.

8. the __right__ to vote.

9. the __right__ to own property.

10. the __duty__ to vote in elections.

11. the __duty__ to serve and defend your country.

12. the __right__ to free speech, press, and assembly.

13. the __duty__ to assist agencies of law enforcement.

14. the __right__ to a lawyer of your choice and a prompt trial if accused of a crime.

15. The __duty__ to practice and teach the principle of good citizenship in your home.


Last updated June 6, 2001

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