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Fitness Circle
By Barb Stephens

Have all of the Webelos Scouts get in a large circle, facing the same direction. Give instructions for the various activities as follows:

  1. Walk in a circle, and keep walking between these exercises.

  2. Start hopping.

  3. Make yourself small as possible and keep walking.

  4. Make yourself as tall as possible and keep walking. Reach you hands over your head.

  5. Bend you knees slightly, grasp your ankles, and continue walking.

  6. Walk as if the heel of one foot and the toes of the other were sore.

  7. Walk stiff-legged.

  8. Squat down and jump forward from that position.

  9. Walk on your hands and one foot with the other foot held high, like a lame dog.

  10. Walk forward at a rapid pace (don't run) while swinging the arms vigorously.

  11. Take giant steps.

  12. Walk forward, raising your knees as high as possible with each step.

  13. Run, lifting your knees high.

  14. Walk on your hands and feet.

  15. Stop and walk backwards.

  16. Stop!

Last updated June 6, 2001

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