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Being Healthy
By Barb Stephens

Good Health Habits
Circle the correct answer(s).
  1. Bathe/shower (every/day OR 1/week) and especially after exercise.
  2. Wash your hair (1/month OR 2+ times/week).
  3. Wash hands (before eating OR after using the restroom) and when they're dirty.
  4. Eat right - (3 OR 4 OR 6) regular meals each day at regular times!
  5. Eat (just some OR a variety of) food from each of the 4 food groups.
  6. The average 10 year old should get (6 OR 9 OR 12) hours of sleep each night.

Clean & Strong
Circle T for True or F for False.
T F 1. Our bodies "repair" themselves while we sleep.
T F 2. Clean clothes aren't necessary after a bath or shower - they are just in the morning.
T F 3. Use proper lighting for all activities including reading, TV viewing, and playing.
T F 4. Fitness is never just physical - it involves both the mind and body together.
T F 5. Stand tall, and walk tall with shoulders back and stomach in.
T F 6. It's OK to share drinking cups, washcloths and towels.
T F 7. Different foods provide different nutrients, and no one food can sustain us.
T F 8. Rushing meals or skipping meals can be harmful to your body.

Basic Food Groups
Match each food to the appropriate food group.
banana egg cereal yogurt
porkchop apple butter pasta
cheese hotdogs corn bread
melon nuts crackers ice cream
potatoes milk oatmeal steak

Last updated June 8, 1996

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