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Boating & Safety
By Barb Stephens

Boat Safety
Fill in the blank with one of the following words:

weight shore hang overload middle flotation

1. Always wear a personal _______________ device.
2. Don't _______________ the boat.
3. Balance the _______________ evenly in the boat.
4. If the boat tips over, _______________ onto it and kick to shore.
5. Step into the _______________ seat when changing seats or getting in.
6. Head for _______________ if bad weather comes.

Do's and Don'ts In and Around Water
Fill in the blank with DO or DON'T for each statement.

1. __________ learn how to swim from a qualified instructor.
2. __________ heck with your buddy to see if he knows how to swim.
3. __________ be a "show off" or bother others.
4. __________ swim with a buddy.
5. __________ dive into water without knowing its depth.
6. __________ get out of the water when you are tired or cold.
7. __________ swim alone.
8. __________ beware of sunburn. Cover up and use sun screen.
9. __________ dive into water without knowing what is under the water's surface.

Scout Rules for a Safe Swim
Number these items in order of importance to you. Start with #1 being the most important.

_____ Know the dangers of water.
_____ Know your abilities and your limitations in water.
_____ Always swim with a buddy.
_____ Know your boat or watercraft.
_____ Get regular physical examinations by your family doctor.
_____ Wait a while after eating to give your food time to digest.
_____ Practice to improve your abilities.
_____ Know and follow all waterfront rules and beach regulations.
_____ Never dive into unknown waters.
_____ Never show off or take a dare.
_____ Never swim underwater more than a few seconds.
_____ Never drink alcoholic beverages.


Last updated May 31, 2001

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