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"Know the Rules" Fun Sheet 2

by Barb Stephens

Boat Safety
Fill in the blank with one of the following words:

weight shore hang overload middle flotation

1. Always wear a personal flotation device.
2. Don't overload the boat.
3. Balance the weight evenly in the boat.
4. If the boat tips over, hang onto it and kick to shore.
5. Step into the middle seat when changing seats or getting in.
6. Head for shore if bad weather comes.

Do's and Don'ts In and Around Water
Fill in the blank with DO or DON'T for each statement.

1. DO learn how to swim from a qualified instructor.
2. DO check with your buddy to see if he knows how to swim.
3. DON'T be a "show off" or bother others.
4. DO swim with a buddy.
5. DON'T dive into water without knowing its depth.
6. DO get out of the water when you are tired or cold.
7. DON'T swim alone.
8. DO beware of sunburn. Cover up and use sun screen.
9. DON'T dive into water without knowing what is under the water's surface.

Scout Rules for a Safe Swim
Number these items in order of importance to you. Start with #1 being the most important.

There's no "correct" ordering. Have boys share their orderings and discuss WHY they placed things with greater or lesser importance.

_____ Know the dangers of water.
_____ Know your abilities and your limitations in water.
_____ Always swim with a buddy.
_____ Know your boat or watercraft.
_____ Get regular physical examinations by your family doctor.
_____ Wait a while after eating to give your food time to digest.
_____ Practice to improve your abilities.
_____ Know and follow all waterfront rules and beach regulations.
_____ Never dive into unknown waters.
_____ Never show off or take a dare.
_____ Never swim underwater more than a few seconds.
_____ Never drink alcoholic beverages.


Last updated May 31, 2001

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