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This is the exam to TEST OUT of the foreign language requirement. Are you looking for the Chemistry Placement Exam?

If you want the online Language Placement Exam (to determine which French, German, or Spanish course you should start in if you have already had that language in high school), click HERE.

If you want to take the Language Competency Exam to test out of the language requirement, enter your netID, name, and preview day below. The Language Competency Exam is for students who desire to "test out" of the foreign language core requirement, so they must be competent to the intermediate college level in that foreign language. It is offered only during designated dates during Summer Preview and also during the first week of the Fall and Spring semesters. It is exclusively given to students who seek to be exempted from the language requirement.

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Looking for the Chemistry Placement Exam Information?

There will be no Chemistry Placement Exam during previews or Welcome Week this year. Students who desire to take General Chemistry I this Fall (typically pre-Health or potential science major students) and who do not have a score of 24 or above on any of the mathematics portions of their ACT exam(s), must complete a college calculus course with a grade of C or above to place into General Chemistry I.