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About People

These pages are personal web pages or sites created and maintained by the individual authors, not by Creighton University. The University does not endorse or actively monitor the content of these web pages. These pages do not constitute official University business or statements, and the University accepts no responsibility for their content. Comments regarding the contents of personal web pages or sites are to be directed to the page or site author(s).

Creighton students, faculty or staff who desire personal web space must first have obtained a NetID. is one of the newest additions to the Creighton University web environment. Designed and built with the user in mind, it will serve as the new home for all student, faculty and staff personal web space. Current Bluejay web space users will be personally contacted by a member of the University Web Team to plan for migration of their content. Most people with current web space will be migrated when their email migrates to the new Exchange email system, CUmail. Please read the FAQ for server restrictions and rules.

By creating an account on this server, users agree to follow Creighton University's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the Code of Conduct. Violations of the AUP and/or the Code of Conduct should be reported to the webmaster. Violations will be reported to the appropriate Dean or Department head.

How do I migrate from bluejay to people?

Check out the migration instructions

How Do I get Space

To create your space on People you will have to log into the server using a Secure Shell program.

Full instructions on creating and using your web space can be found on the Instructions Section.

Working With Your People Site Off-Campus

Due to security concerns, off-campus access to SSH and sFTP are disabled. This does not affect FrontPage users. However, users of Dreamweaver, PuTTY, WinSCP, or any of the sFTP clients will need to use the VPN (Virtual Private Network) client available at for off-campus authoring access. It is easy to download, install, and use. Detailed instructions are available at

The DoIT Service Desk is available to assist you with this tool at 1-402-280-1111 or

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